Piolo Pascual Speaks About Alessandra De Rossi As A Director

‘My Amanda’ actor Piolo Pascual talks about his newest film and being directed by Alessandra De Rossi.

PIOLO PASCUAL – This is what Piolo Pascual said about Alessandra De Rossi and her directorial debut film on Netflix entitled “My Amanda”.

The film “My Amanda” of Piolo Pascual and Alessandra de Rossi has actually started shooting two years ago and was then called “Fuffy and Fream”. It is now finally out on Netlix and the directorial debut of the actress has made remarkable impacts. In the film, the characters of the two actors are longtime best friends who have been there in each other’s lives ups and downs, in a platonic relationship.

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De Rossi’s film followed the non-romantic-comedy approach and they have achieved it. It is produced by Piolo’s Spring Films production company and AWOO. Alessandra is known as a dramatic actress and taking her path’s course to another direction, she debuted as a director and such an experience is nerve-wracking for her. Now, how is the actress as a director? The actor has this take about her.

He said that the actress as a director knows her material, her script, what she wanted to happen, and her shots which made it easy for him to accpet the role and co-produced the film. He shared as per PUSH, “But having her as a director, it was always hard for her because she doesn’t want to offend people. She’s the type of person who doesn’t want to cross the line and offend the actor. We talk about it. What’s nice about Alessandra is she’s collaborative and she doesn’t force something upon you. So it was easy.”

Meanwhile, the film “My Amanda” is curretly trending online and here are some comments from the netizens:

the message of the film—it’s something we all should make time to reflect to.

di ko kayang tapusin yung My Amanda…

Grabe yon! I ready myself for the twist but looks who’s still ugly crying rn.

My Amanda taught me that true love is worth the wait.

pinanood ko yung ‘my Amanda’s sa netflix. I fell in love with papa P, even more.


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