Alice Dixson ‘Nadukutan’ by Gang of Pickpockets at Shopping Mall

Pinay Actress Alice Dixson Reveals Gang of Pickpockets Stole her Phone at Shopping Mall

The Filipina actress Alice Dixson has shared her experience after a gang of pickpockets stole her mobile phone at a shopping mall.

Alice Dixson announced on her Instagram account that she has been victimized by a gang of pickpockets at a shopping mall. The group of men strategically bumped into her and secretly took her phone.

The 51-year-old actress said that this show was very memorable for her due to many reason. She gives birth to her first baby and revealed that it was the first time in her life that she got pickpocketed.

Alice Dixson

The lady celebrity also reminded the public to be more vigilant of their surroundings and take extra care of their belongings in public places because danger lurks in every corner especially during this time of crisis.

The actress said that the group has 4-6 women and a cross-dressed man. Two of them bumped her in front and back based on the CCTV footage.

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Alice Dixson

Here is the full post:

Alam nyo po very memorable na po etong show ko for its many 1sts and not just for…
– the cultural setting & never told story of Filipino Muslim polygyny
– cast, 1st time ko sila nakasama halos lahat
– my 1st teleserye production during COVID
– my 1st baby was conceived and born during this show

Magugulat kayo sa susunod kong 1st na eto…
today I can finally make kuento, kasi concluded na ang police investigation.

– during this show was the 1st time I was ever pickpocketed in my life (not on the set of course but) the day before my quarantine for our lock-in taping.

The reason naikuento ko kahapon na I lost my pictures and footage (s) was because last June 29 while in Greenbelt 5, I was pickpocketed. YES po nadukutan ako while shopping in the mall.
Ang nakuha po sa akin was my cell phone.
I will eventually share the whole story but in a nutshell it was believed to be a group effort of 4-6 women (one cross dresser man), 2 of which bumped me from the front & back ayon sa CCTV footage.

Kaya mga unsuspecting shoppers, pls be very very mindful of your belongings and people na dumidikit dikit sa inyo sa public spaces.

To be continued …

Alice Dixson

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