Barangay Kagawad Who Allegedly Beat Curfew Violators Faces Complaints

A barangay kagawad faced multiple complaints for allegedly beating teenagers who violated the curfew violators.

Barangay kagawad Michael Sio of San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan received complaints for allegedly mauling curfew violators. The barangay official denied the allegations filed against him.

In the video, it can be seen that the local official brought the 15-year-old violator has been brought inside a room inside the barangay hall. Someone inside the hall also punched the young man beside his stomach. The victim’s friend is claiming that Sio also mauled him.

Barangay Kagawad

Sio repeatedly denied the accusations and explained that the victim is a hard-headed teenager who defied the curfew policy in the area for a couple of time. He also said that the kid even blocked them with a wooden chair.

“Wala naman kaming tinatagi diyan, kung nakita niyo naman yung video, kung baka sakali tinatakot po naming inaambahan lang siguro yung bata hindi namin sinaktan yan, grabe naman ang sinasabi nilang binugbog nakita niyo naman po siguro yung katawan kung binugbog yan,” Sio said.

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curfew violator

The violator’s mom also defended her child and currently planning to file charges against the official who reportedly beat her child.

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