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Cops Found Illegal Drugs Inside of Cup Noodles & Ensaymada in Zambales Provincial Jail

Cops Found Illegal Drugs Inside of Cup Noodles & Ensaymada in Zambales Provincial Jail

Police Authorities Found Illegal Drugs Inside of Cup Noodles & Ensaymada To Be Given to Inmate

ZAMBALES – The police authorities found illegal drugs inside of cup noodles and ensaymada to be given to an inmate at Zambales Provincial Jail.

The suspect identified as Josef Candejon attempted to proliferate illegal drugs inside Zambales Provincial Jail. The culprit placed the drugs inside of four cup noodles and four ensaymadas, which is addressed for an inmate.

Candejon’s plan failed after the jail guard notice the illegal drugs inside the goods. The suspect immediately escape after realizing that the guard noticed the drugs inside the goods but the cops were able to arrest him.

Zambales Provincial Jail

Iba Police Station chief Police Major Bryan Christopher Baybayan said that Candejon is a former inmate who has been charged of possession of illegal drugs but eventually get out of the jail after paying his sentence.

“Yun ang protocol doon sa loob before ka magdala, tsini-check nila ‘yung mga package na binibigay sa mga inmate. Nakita nila. Na-discover nila ‘yung pake-pakete na iligal na droga, nakalagay doon sa cup noodles saka ensaymada, nakapalaman sa tinapay,” Baybayan said.

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Zambales Provincial Jail

“Napag-alaman pala na yung bibisita sa isang inmate doon ay dati rin palang nakakulong, nakalaya na rin na may kaso din na ganun, illegal drugs,” Baybayan added.

The suspect is now facing charges for his crime but not yet giving a statement regarding the incident.

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