Recommendation Letter vs Endorsement Letter: Their Differences

How is a Recommendation Letter different from an Endorsement Letter?

RECOMMENDATION LETTER – Here are the differences between a recommendation letter and an endorsement letter that you should know.

In any field, one form of formal communication is a formal letter addressing the person you intended the letter to. And there are definitely a lot of letters out there and sometimes, some types of them are a bit confusing as such are the kinds of endorsement and recommendation letters.

What are their differences? How are these two letters similar to each other? How to construct these types of letters? What are the guidelines?

A recommendation letter is a written statement where someone is written about all the commendable qualities he or she has. When asked to write about someone you know personally and with whom you’re confident enough will never fail you, you just have to give a positive feedback about that person.

It is important to hit the important things in the letter such as the context, specifics, and a match between the position’s requirements and the candidate’s skills for qualification for a certain position. This way, your letter will be effective and informative as possible. A recommendation letter may come from a former manager, colleagues, teachers, mentors, or clients.

Meanwhile, an endorsement letter for someone, a colleague or a co-worker, is writing down details such as accomplishments and qualifications of that person for a purpose of recognizing their achievements or how qualified they are for a higher position. In the letter, it must clearly state that you express your full support and consent over someone.

You may endorse a person for a title or a job. Make sure that you know this person. Generally, this letter can verify certain facts about the endorsed person but not directed towards a specific opportunity. It can focus on your general strengths, qualities, and abilities.

Here’s a general format in writing a formal letter:

Writer Name and Address
Your Name
Job Title
Street Address
City, State Zip Code

Dear Mr. or Miss / “To Whom It May Concern

Paragraph 1 – Introduction

Paragraph 2 – Details

Paragraph 3 – Summary

Paragraph 4 – Conclusion

Letter Closing
Respectfully, etc


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