Alex Gonzaga Fulfills Wishes Of Fans In Her Latest Vlog

Alex Gonzaga

“Dear Alex, Baka Naman…” is a new segment in Alex Gonzaga’s channel, and here’s her first episode. ALEX GONZAGA – As a way of giving back, Alex Gonzaga introduces a new segment for her channel called “Dear Alex, Baka Naman…”. Among the most controversial personalities in the local show business industry is Alex Gonzaga. She … Read more

Alex Gonzaga Resignation In LOL Not True? Here’s Truth

Alex Gonzaga

Is it true that Alex Gonzaga is resigning from Tropang LOL? ALEX GONZAGA – Tropang LOL host Alex Gonzaga speaks about resigning from the TV5 noontime show. Are the rumors true? Previously, Cristy Fermin in her program revealed that Kapatid host Alex Gonzaga is leaving the noontime show she’s currently in, Lunch Out Loud. Fermin … Read more

Alex Gonzaga Parents’ First Vlog Reached 1 Million Views

Alex Gonzaga

Bonoy and Pinty, the parents of Alex Gonzaga, do vlogging finally, and here’s their first-ever vlog. ALEX GONZAGA – The parents of actress-vlogger Alex Gonzaga also enter the industry of vlogging and their first video has now over one million views. Among the celebrity pioneers when it comes to vlogging is Alex Gonzaga. Vlogging is … Read more

Alex Gonzaga View On Making Prank Videos For The Vlog

Alex Gonzaga

How does Alex Gonzaga plan her pranks for her video blog? ALEX GONZAGA – With the numerous prank videos Alex Gonzaga has already done, this is how she does it and what she feels doing it. Among the most-followed and a pilot when it comes to celebrities turning into vlogging for YouTube is Kapatid host … Read more

Alex Gonzaga Reveals “Nightly Routine” With Mikee Morada

Alex Gonzaga Mikee Morada

“Every night may swab test,” says Alex Gonzaga on nighttime routine with her husband. ALEX GONZAGA – A wife now, celebrity vlogger Alex Gonzaga narrates routine at night with her husband Mikee Morada and the “fake news” he was talking about. Last year, Alex Gonzaga married businessman and politician Mikee Morada in a very intimate … Read more

Alex Gonzaga Shared Grand Advance Wedding Gift From Mikee’s Parents

Alex Gonzaga

The property where Alex Gonzaga and Mikee Morada’s house will stand is a gift from the latter’s parents. ALEX GONZAGA – In latest vlog, Alex Gonzaga shows demolished house, a property where they will live as advance wedding gift from Mikee’s parents. Actress-singer Alex Gonzaga is engaged to businessman and young politician Mikee Morada. After some … Read more