Traffic Enforcer Sacked After Issuing Violation Ticket Not Committed

Traffic Enforcer Sacked Over Violation Ticket to Motorist Not Committed

TRAFFIC ENFORCER SACKED – A motorist shares an unjust apprehension of a traffic cop and issuing a ticket for not committed violation.

Recently, motorist Miguel Vistan posted a video on Facebook showing a traffic officer named Efren Fria flagging him down for allegedly “beating the red light.” Vistan, on the other hand, went through a green light rather than a red light, according to dashcam footage.

Traffic Enforcer Sacked

According to him, the traffic cop insisted on issuing a violation ticket despite the fact that he didn’t have one. As his passengers were terrified, he agreed to surrender his driver’s license and collect the infringement ticket to bring the situation to a close.

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The video went viral after being shared on social media, attracting a lot of attention from the online community. Wilson Chan Sr., the Manila Traffic and Parking Bureau’s operations manager, also saw the video and acted immediately.

“Mali po ‘yong paniniket ni Mr. Fria. Sabi ko ‘Ito o. Kitang-kita, papaano mo sasabihing nag-beat siya ng red light?’ So sa bandang huli siguro, nahimasmasan siya at nagpakumbaba na lang. Humingi siya ng kapatawaran kay Mr. Vistan po,” said MTPB chief.

After the motorist he flagged down and given a violation ticket was found to be innocent, the traffic enforcer in Manila was fired. Fria, who had previously been involved in a similar incident, was shot by Chan.

The official continued, “Ang opisina po ay hindi po kumokunsinte sa mga ganoong attitude ng ating mga enforcer.” Vistan, on the other hand, believes that having a camera in the car is extremely necessary.

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