Ara Mina On Being Conservative In Relationship With Dave Almarinez

Behind her reputation, Ara Mina remained conservative on her relationship with her future husband.

ARA MINA – Daring actress Ara Mina admits being conservative in this aspect behind her known daring reputation in showbiz.

Philippine International Trading Corporation (PITC) Undersecretary Dave Almarinez is the future husband of actress Ara Mina. They made an engagement announcement last January and they are now in the middle of their preparation for their wedding amid the pandemic. Her fiance vowed to give her the wedding that she had always dreamed of.

They denied the rumors having a “grand and expensive” wedding and just previously, their prenup photos caught social media attention taken at Palawan’s Sunlight Ecotourism Island Resort. And in a previous article, she is grateful for her partner because he has loved and accepted her despite of her past and he has accordingly been so proud of her achievements.

And now, speaking of their relationship, Ara revealed that she never lets him sleep in her house before back when they were not still engaged. She can sleep in his house which she does sometimes but never in her place because of her daughter. She doesn’t want to confuse her daughter with politician Patrick Meneses.

She sees that kids now are smart and she doesn’t want to commit the same mistake again. Ara wished that her next relationship would be her last and now that she’s secured in relationship with Almarinez, she finally allowed him to sleep in her house.

“Kumbaga, hindi porket nagkamali na ako, na nagkaroon ako ng anak without marriage, e, kailangan okay na yung ganung setup… na mag-i-sleepover ang mga guys. Kahit naman na nagpa-sexy ako, it’s just my role, it’s just my image. Meron pa rin akong conservative side,” she said.


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