Ara Mina Opens Up About Moving On From Relationship With Patrick Meneses

Is Ara Mina looking forward to getting married to someone?

ARA MINA – Kapamilya actress Ara Mina opened up about her experience in moving on from her relationship with Bulacan town Mayor Patrick Meneses.

It is no secret to the public that actress Ara Mina had a relationship with Mayor Patrick Meneses before. Their love for each other led them to have a daughter named Amanda Gabrielle Meneses.

However, due to unsettled differences, the two public figures separated. Meanwhile, they were able to set aside their differences to focus on being parents to their only daughter.

Although Ara Mina and Mayor Patrick Meneses are no longer a couple, it is visible that they are on good terms with each other and their daughter is close to both of them.

Ara Mina, Patrick Meneses
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In fact, there are even several occasions that Mayor Patrick Meneses and Ara Mina are spotted together along with Amanda Gabrielle or Mandy. The two celebrities are even comfortable to teasing each other about giving their daughter a younger sibling.

Many of the fans and supporters of Ara and Mayor Patrick could not resist from rooting that the two celebrities will get back to each other. The politician has previously expressed that he’s not closing his doors on getting back with the mother of his daughter.

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Based on a recent report in Philippines’ Ultimate Showbiz Hub (PUSH), in an interview with the source, Ara Mina expressed that there is really a difference between moving on from a relationship as a single person and moving on with a child.

“Mas madali palang maka-move-on pag may anak ka na, na nahiwalay, kesa yung dalaga ka… Ano eh, parang eto yung gift sa ‘yo, may anak ka, kaya masaya ka na,” the actress said.

Based on the report, Ara Mina is currently enjoying her daughter Mandy now while she is still small. She expressed that she is very cute and loving now and she often tells her mother ‘I love you mama’.

When asked if she wants to get married, the actress now leaves it to what might happen although it is really her dream before to get married. According to her, one can’t tell and thinking about wedding follows liking a guy or having a “spark” with someone.

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