Hardworking Man Fills Up Drum w/ P20 Bills From His Daily Earnings

Hardworking Man Saves P20 Bills From His Daily Earnings & Eventually Fills Up Drum

A hardworking man identified as Gerdan Tolero was able to fill up a drum with P20 bills from his daily earning as vendor.

The 22-year-old Gerdan Tolero started to save money since January 2021 after losing almost everything to a fire that destroyed their homes last year. Tolero’s family was among the families who lost their homes due to the fire in Tondo, Manila.

The young guy start to save up to 30 pieces of P20 bills in January and refuse to spend his earning unless it is an emergency. He want to save his earnings as an emergency fund of their family.

Hardworking Man

“‘Pag gumastos po ako iniisip ko kung talagang kailangan po, ‘yong mga wants, luho, ‘di ko po muna pinapasok. Talagang wala sa isipan ko,” Tolero said.

Gerdan worked as fish and gulaman vendor and saving money as much as he can in a plastic drum container. Eventually, he was able to fill the plastic drum with P20 bills because of his hard work.

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Hardworking Man Hardworking Man Hardworking Man

However, he refused to reveal the total amount of money he saved after a few months of saving.

The online community lauded the hardworking guy for his achievement:

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