Some Netizens Share Stories of Alleged Cult Attacks in Mindanao

Alleged Cult Attacks in Mindanao
Cause Fear Among Netizens

MINDANAO – Some netizens have shared creepy stories of alleged cult attack in Mindanao in the middle of the night.

Most residents in Mindanao region are experiencing fear after sharing stories that a certain group of a ‘demonic’ cult is roaming around the area in the middle of the night. The alleged ‘cult members’ were knocking on doors with an intention to kill.

A Twitter user named camie said that alleged cult members are roaming in the area around 9:00 pm in the evening to 4:00 am. The suspects allegedly knock on doors and killing homeowners who will open the door.

Some of them shared the CCTV footage of cult members who were allegedly “disappearing” and “reappearing”. The video reportedly shows that the assailants have supernatural powers, making their illegal activities easier.

Another citizen said that the suspects are reportedly roaming around Misamis Occidental such as Ozamis City, Aloran, Sincaban, Plaridel, Lopez Jaena and Oroquieta City.

Some Netizens

#Mindanao and #Misamis Occident are now trending on Twitter due to similar incidents. The incident causes fear to a lot of netizens.

misamis occidental oomfs please please STAY safe and DO NOT i repeat DO NOT open your doors for anyone especially around 9pm to 4am if you aren’t expecting anyone. there’s a cult roaming around, knocking on doors and cutting heads of those who answer.”

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