Here’s why Kris Bernal did not delete her viral photo that caught social media attention.

KRIS BERNAL – Famous actress Kris Bernal has this photo that went viral but she has not deleted it yet because of this reason.

Being a celebrity comes along with the responsibility to always look good and pleasing to the eyes of people especially nowadays that social media is being used to reach them. A small mistake they will commit will surely reach online reports which is the same thing that happened to actress Kris Bernal. Just recently, she was spotted wearing her tube top inside out that caught social media attention and earned various reactions.

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The selfie was uploaded on Sunday, April 4, and she never thought that netizens would make a big deal our of it. She just realized that she was wearing her top the wrong way when a lot of her followers have pointed it out. In the post, she jokingly said that it is her way not to get lost referring about an old saying and also an indication for her that she’s not perfect and to make a mistake is just okay.

In a report from PEP, after finding out such, she initially wanted to immediately take down that certain post. However, she opted not to because what’s more important than her photo in her post is the message she wanted to relay in the caption. She said, “I actually thought of deleting it since I felt like I got embarrassed, but I didn’t because I was after the message of what I wanted to say during Easter wherein I had to drive to the grocery and relate how God is taking the driver seat for me.”

Capping off her statement, she wanted people to realize that celebrities are also people and the tendency to make mistakes is just normal with the hashtag #normalizeimperfection.


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