Kris Aquino “Willing To Go To War” For Sons Over Offensive Rumors

Fearless and firm, Kris Aquino slams offensive rumors about her sons.

KRIS AQUINO – Finally posting and revealing her truth, Kris Aquino expressed brave statements against those speculations and offensive rumors.

As promised, famous personality Kris Aquino addressed several issues about her and her sons. In a video she recently posted online, she named the people who must be named and spoke about the offensive rumors from naysayers against her sons, Josh and Bimby. She entirely talked about the happenings in her life in the past months and how her past and her last name still affect her present life.

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In the previous years, it has been a rumor online that Bimby is “gay” and many people were doubting his orientation and the recent one he faced is the comments in a viral video where he was caught laughing in a very feminine manner. She revealed that she knew trolls and bloggers who are paid to attack her and her sons. She also lambasted a rumor about 25-year-old Josh impregnating someone.

She lambasted the credibility of the one who spread such malicious rumors as it did not even present proof to prove their claims. She reiterated that Josh staying in Tarlac is not something like her strategy to establish a “presence in the same province where her father and her brother started their public service journeys.”

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However, these malicious remarks will not silence their mother who is her. Defending her youngest, she expressed,  “Utang na loob naman. This is 2021, we are living in 2021. Bimb is tall, he is good-looking, he is well-educated, he is intelligent…. He is articulate, respectful. Hindi siya palamura . And he happens to be very mature.”

She described her 13-year-old son to be very responsible and someone she can rely on. Despite his young age, he is accordingly the one who exerts effort just to make her happy and ease her problems.

It was then she realized that these people know where to pinpoint what she’s most vulnerable about – her sons. Everyone knew how much she loves her sons and using them against her is really effective to move her. By this, she’d be accordingly willing to go to war for them because it wasn’t their fault that “they cannot count on their fathers” and their mother’s last name is “Aquino”.

She added, “Hindi nila kasalanan that the lies about my family will continue until history gets completely rewritten. Nagbanggit lang ako ng yellow brick road in an art card, default mode na yung line of attack.”

Watch the first part of her video:


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