Raffy Tulfo Handles Viral Swimming Pool Incident Involving Teenage Boys

Involved persons in a viral drowning incident in swimming pool face interrogation in Raffy Tulfo program.

RAFFY TULFO – Teenage boys in viral drowning incident involving one of their friends in swimming pool face Raffy Tulfo in his program.

In a previous article, in a supposed fun game between teenage boys in a resort, an unexpected accident happened. As they make their friend dizzy before throwing him in a deep part of the swimming pool, it led to a drowning incident to which a recorded clip went viral online.

Raffy Tulfo, Viral Swimming Pool Incident

The tragic result of their game earned various comments and critical reactions online. The victim was spun around several times before thrown into the pool and due to the dizziness the spinning caused him, he wasn’t able to swim his way to safety resulting in being drowned and sinking down.

He has already sunk down but it took several moments for his friends to rescue him. And with this case brought to Raffy Tulfo program, the victim who fortunately survived after being rescued by the lifeguard narrated that his friends were accordingly thinking he’s still joking when he fought his way up the water and eventually sinking down, the reason why it took several minutes for them to save him.

Raffy Tulfo, Viral Swimming Pool Incident

His friends, speaking up to Tulfo, are saddened that it has to happen and such a challenge almost took his life. Ralph Valdez Agramon, the name of the victim, just wanted his friends to apologize but since he’s still a minor, it was his mother who faced Tulfo and dealt with the situation in front of the male broadcaster.

Ralph’s mother was emotional but wasn’t angered at all. What she just wanted is for these boys to learn their lesson and not do it again to anyone. Also, despite the negligence of the resort and lifeguard, she expressed no hate because what mattered to her is that her son is alive.

Raffy Tulfo

Check out some comments from the video:

Pwedeng mademanda yung barkada. Muntik na sya namatay. Pati lifeguard nadamay. Mga kabataan, bawasan ang pasikat at yabang.

Lesson learn: Wag gawing biro ang buhay ng isang tao.

This is such a lesson to these kids and the life guard. Thank God ligtas ung bata.


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