Bea Alonzo Interview About Ghosting Resurfaces After Gerald-Julia Relationship Confirmed

Here’s what Bea Alonzo said about “ghosting” as an interview of her before resurfaced.

BEA ALONZO – Kapamilya actress Bea Alonzo’s before emerged again after Gerald Anderson finally confirmed relationship with Julia Barretto.

The split of Bea Alonzo and Kapamilya actor Gerald Anderson is among the most highly-publicized splits in the show business industry. This is because it involved another actress Julia Barretto who later on Gerald introduced as his new girlfriend.

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In a previous article, the actor admitted his shortcomings in his relationship with Alonzo. There are accordingly times where he’s haunted with thoughts like things he could have done better. But recently, in a tell-all interview, he described their relationship before as “toxic”.

With his relationship with Julia finally out and confirmed, Bea’s interview last February emerged where she expressed that she has already moved on from it completely – “hundred percent”. She stood with her truth about the actor “ghosting” her and having no formal break up with him.

She then added that if a person couldn’t give another that amount of respect to formally end whatever they have, it’s “good riddance”. Her journey was accordingly memorable considering that it’s her first time “ghosted” by someone which also gave her her first time to be fully aware of her healing.

Before, she would rather have someone she loves more but after it happened, she changed her perspective that the next time she’ll love, it should be someone who loves her more because that way, as what her mother said, it will last longer.


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