Iza Calzado Shares Experience Having A “Toxic” Relationship

Here’s what Iza Calzado said about having a “toxic” relationship

Actress Iza Calzado shared her own experience in having a “toxic” relationship in the past and how she handled that.

Celebrities are not immune from having “bad relationships” and Iza is one of them. In the recent ‘Paano Ba ‘To?’ vlog of TV host Bianca Gonzalez, she guested her friend Iza to answer the question of a netizen.

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The question was “Why do women stay in bad relationships? Sometimes we know that it isn’t exactly the best thing for us but we stay because of love, stay because umaasa tayo it will get better. Paano ba ‘to?”

Iza Calzado said that although this issue keeps cropping up for women, she knew certain men who also stayed in “toxic” relationships. She admitted that she also had an experience in this and there was an instance that she was the bad person in the relationship.

The actress stressed, as she answered the question, that “it is the question of your self-worth”. She said that it is a given fact that there were love however, it just became toxic along the way and it can come from both ends.

Iza also pointed out that fact that there are people who are really toxic in whatever relationship they are in. At one point of her life, she experienced this. Looking back, she asked if what made her attached to the relationship and she found out that it was the drama.

The actress shared that she grew up in a home witnessing that drama and she thought that is how love is but she was definitely wrong with that kind of perception. She also slammed the “romantiIza Calzado, Bianca Gonzalez, Toxic relationship, Bianca Gonzalez vlog,c idea” about “you complete me”.


Iza Calzado also said she thinks the reason of those who are staying in a bad relationship is the “ego”.

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