Sample Application Letter for Scholarship Grant

Sample Application Letter for Scholarship Grant You Can Use As Guide

SAMPLE APPLICATION LETTER FOR SCHOLARSHIP GRANT – Here is an example of a letter you can use as a guide in writing your own letter to apply for a scholarship.

Due to the limited time for class discussions, not all types of letters can be discussed in school. Usually, the lesson would only dig deeper on the format of writing a letter.

Meanwhile, because of the advancement of technology nowadays, there are a lot of sample letters online that you can use as a guide. It can greatly help most especially if it is your first time to write a certain letter.

Let us take for example a sample application letter for scholarship grant. Are you planning to apply for a scholarship and it is your first time to do so?

Sample Application Letter for Scholarship Grant

February 27, 2021

Scholarship Coordinator
Los Vios Scholarship
Negros Occidental, Philippines

Dear Mr. De Luna,

Good day! I am Francis Carviel Arkanghel from Silay City, Negros Occidental. I am a graduate of Minoyan National High School and has served the school’s student organization as the president on my 4th year. I have heard that your scholarship foundation is looking for four (4) scholars you will fund in college. Sir, with all humility, I am very glad upon hearing the news as getting to college without any support of a scholarship benefactor may be hard for me financially for now.

My father is a carpenter and the COVID-19 pandemic has greatly affected the job offers for him while my mother is staying at home doing laundries whenever there is. None of us in the family has a fixed income and I am the eldest among five (5) siblings.

In case I will be given the huge opportunity to be your scholar, I promise to do my best in my studies and to really strive to excel. It would be a great help not only for me but for my entire family as our future largely lies on what I can attain being the eldest.

Thank you so much for the time to read this letter. I am very willing to talk to your personally, Sir, at your most convenient time.

Respectfully yours,


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