It is not easy for Julia Barretto to trust someone now

Actress Julia Barretto shared that it is very hard for her now to trust someone and here is the reason why she feels this way.

Julia has opened up this aspect of her life in the recent vlog of her sister Dani Barretto. She admitted that she does not give her trust to someone instantly. It is because of what she went through at a young age.

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The 23-year old actress pointed at the challenges she encountered as the reason for having trust issues. “Super! As in grabe! Trusting now for me is very hard,” Julia Barretto said.

However, she clarified that this does not affect the fact that she still sees the good in people. For her, when trust enters, it means that she is letting that person enter her life also.

“It’s so important who you surround yourself with. It matters. Your energy, your thoughts, your goals, your dreams. Every person you meet, they have a contribution to the person that you are so you really have to be careful,” she elaborated.

She said that not trusting the same way before does not make her cynical but this is making her more careful. Despite having trust issues of what she went through before, she said that she does not want to change what has happened in the past.

“I wouldn’t change anything. Even what I went through two years ago, I wouldn’t change a thing. Because it was such an eye-opener and it revealed a lot of things to me that later on I need in my life,” Julia Barretto said.

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