Here are some questions Dani Barretto never asked Julia Barretto in her recent vlog.

JULIA BARRETTO – Dani Barretto asked these questions she never asked her sister Julia Barretto yet until that moment featured in a vlog.

Intimate and heart to heart – this is how the conversation of sisters Dani and Julia Barretto. In latest vlog of the elder Barretto, she asked questions she never asked her sister until that time and it’s been a talk that many people can definitely learn something from.

From her past issues, old self, and future plans, Julia answered everything with wit and sense. And when asked about her past issues, she accordingly wouldn’t change anything because it has become an eye-opener to her and revealed a lot of things that made her the person that she is now.

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Also, in the video, she expressed firmly that it would be hard for her to trust people again after everything that has happened to her. She also bravely answered about the wrong perception of the public and misjudgments about her. In terms of this, she takes in those from people that only matter to her. It’s about choosing as to who the comments are coming from because the others won’t matter for they don’t know anything.

And if there’s only one missing in her life now is a baby. She felt like this is the only things that would complete her life now and certainly believes that her purpose is to be a mother. Dani was shocked over her straightforward answer for her vlog but she trust her sister to being good at motherhood when the time comes because service is her love language.


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