Bea Alonzo Reveals She Spent ‘Million’ For This Particular Item

What item did Bea Alonzo buy that was worth “million”?

Actress Bea Alonzo revealed that she spent “million” when she bought this particular item but she did not say the exact amount.

In her 20 years in the Philippine entertainment industry, it is no doubt that Bea is one of the most established actresses in her generation. With this, it is safe to say that she is way more capable when it comes to her finances.

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Based on the article in Abante Entertainment, Bea Alonzo guested on her vlog the Beks Battalion, the group of gay comedians Chad Kinis, Lassy, and MC Muah. They did the “Spill Your Guts” challenge.  

One of the questions that were asked to her is the most expensive item that she bought. At first, the actress was quite hesitant to answer the question. Through the “pangungulit” of the gay comedians, Bea spilled it out and said that that it was for an artwork.

She is known as an art lover as she showed art pieces in her home during her house tour vlog. Although Bea did not reveal the exact amount of the expensive art piece she bought, she gave a hint.

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Sige, seven digits,” the actress revealed. Apparently, this already reached “million” or “millions”.

Meanwhile, in a previous article, Bea Alonzo revealed in an interview that she did not buy a luxury bag until her seventh year in the entertainment industry. She shared that as a breadwinner, she had to prioritize the things that will do well with their finances.

Bea invested and bought a farm for her mother and she said that even a year without a project, she and her family can still sustain.

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