Man Do Lewdness Act Inside Jeepney While in Front of Female Passengers

Man Inside Jeepney Caught Doing Lewdness While in Front of Female Passengers

A concerned passenger recorded a man passenger who does lewdness act to himself while inside the jeepney in front of female passengers.

A male passenger was caught doing lewdness inside a jeep and even showed his genitals to two women in Dagupan City, Pangasinan. Based on the report, it was said that the man, 40, riding in a jeepney on the Dagupan City route.

Man Lewdness Inside Jeepney

The female passenger, who was hidden under the name “Andrea,” felt embarrassed with his filthy act. So she decided to videotape on her cellphone what the man was doing while the jeep was traveling.

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He even covered his genitals with a hat but it was still obvious that he was committing immorality while looking at them. According to Andrea, when someone rides, he covers it, and then when it is moving, he does it again.

She said she would have accosted the man but she could not get the right time until she suddenly got out of the jeep. Andrea revealed that when he went down he seems shaking as he notices that he was filmed.

Andrea clarified that she took the video of the man to serve as a warning to others. According to one psychologist, being an “exhibitionist” is a mental disorder.

By law, exposing the genitals is a form of sexual harassment and can be prosecuted by the perpetrator. Authorities are still investigating the identity of the male passenger.

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