Bank Manager Passes Away During Intimate Moment w/ Girlfriend

Bank Manager Dies Amid Intimate Moment w/ Young Girlfriend

COMPOSTELA TOWN, CEBU – An older bank manager has passed away during his intimate moment with his girlfriend.

A 59-year-old man passed away after he succumbed to cardiac arrest while having an intimate moment with his 24-year-old girlfriend last Wednesday (January 20, 2021). The incident happened inside a resort in Compostela town, northern Cebu.

Compostela Police Station Chief Vincent Zozobrado reported that the banker is very aggressive during the first round, according to its girlfriend. The latter relaxed after they have reach the climax.

Bank Manager

The older man asked for another round with the lady but felt tightness on his chest and experienced difficulty of breathing. The woman tried to massage and calm her lover. However, the man suffered convulsion and the woman sought help from the resort’s management. Unfortunately, the rescuers failed to save the banker.

Zozobrado also revealed that the bank manager had a history of heart disease and having a relationship with the young lady for three years. The banker wants to support his girlfriend’s studies but the lady refused to accept the offer.

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The woman has been receiving at least P2,000 per week from the old banker.

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