Rajo Laurel Fierce Words About ‘Baklang Lasing’, Lea Salonga Reacts

Lea Salonga has this reaction to the “baklang lasing tweet of Rajo Laurel

Prominent Filipino fashion designer Rajo Laurel has these fierce words about “baklang lasing” and this received a reaction from his friend Broadway diva Lea Salonga.

Apparently, this Twitter post of Rajo came after the statement of Makati PNP Chief Harold Depositar. He said that even though the 11 suspects in the Christine Dacera case were mostly identified as gays, they are still men, especially when they are under the influence of alcohol.

rajo laurel lea salonga
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Because of that, the LGBT community reacted and defended their side. Several celebrities who also have gay friends also reacted to this.

One of the famous personalities who reacted to this was Rajo Laurel. In his recent post on his Twitter account, he stressed what’s next after a gay got drunk.

“ang baklang lasing ay baklang lasing
ang baklang lasing ay maingay na bakla
ang baklang lasing ay tahimik na bakla
ang baklang lasing ay gumagandang bakla
ang baklang lasing ay warlang bakla
ang baklang lasing ay dyosang bakla
laging bakla ang bakla”

At the end of his post, the fashion designer said, “mabuhay ang mga bakla.” This post of Rajo Laurel received a comment from Lea Salonga. The Broadway diva shared her own avatar with the expression “yaasss”

Several netizens also agreed with what the fashion designer said. Here are some of the comments.

“Madami po akong kaibigan na bi and bakla na nakakasama ko sa drinking sessions overnight. Hindi lang basta bi, mga gwapong bi and mga close friends ko po. Pag nakakainom po sila, bakla pa din naman sila at mahilig pa din sa lalaki.” – Twitter user @Kissesforever20

“Yes mabuhay ang mga bakla at hindi porke lasing ang mga bakla, magpapakalalaki na sila para manggahasa” – Twitter user @nhorsj

On the other hand, there were netizens who expressed that they disagree with what the designer posted.

“Regardless of gender, if someone is under the influenced of alcohol or drugs, they are not in their normal behavior and we cannot generalized that they will all be harmless,” Twitter user @Meehlicious commented.

What can you say about this?

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