Supportive Dad Expresses Support For His Kids in Playing Computer Games

Supportive Dad Earns Praises Online For Expressing Support to His Kids in Playing Computer Games

A supportive dad goes viral and earned praises online after expressing its support for his kids in playing computer games.

Nowadays, a lot of young children, teenagers and even adults were already hooked in playing computer games. Most of them are playing to relieve stress or to break the boredom during their leisure time.

A Facebook user named TJ Laurel has shared the photos of his children playing computer games inside their house using the computer set he purchased. The post garnered various reactions from the online community.

Supportive Dad

In the videos, it can be seen that Laurel’s children are busy playing computer games while TJ is taking pictures. TJ bought several sets of personal computers to support the hobby of his beloved children.

However, he sets some rules and regulations to his children when playing computer games. They must complete all household chores and school works before playing. Speaking bad words are also prohibited.

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Supportive Dad Supportive Dad

Here is the full post:

Fantech user here at tatay na gamer kuno.. Supportado ko paglalaro ng mga anak ko, basta tapusin lang gawaing bahay at unahin pag aaral,, bawal din mga bad words.. Kuntento na sa 2nd hand monitor basta enjoy ang paglalaro.. Soon to be mga gamer yan mga anak ko at soon streamer din.. Wag lang sila maglait ng kalaro nila “ACE” sila sa kin

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