Child Trafficker Use Computer Games To Lure Children To His Home

Child Trafficker Lures Children To His Home W/ Computer Games

CHILD TRAFFICKER – The court sentenced the child trafficker 374 years in jail who use computer games to lure children his home.

Nowadays, kids are fond of playing video games int heir computers, laptops, or cellphones. These practice worries lots of parents the traditional games is almost gone.

In a previous article, we listed several online games that could lead the children’s death or serious injury. A young Filipino who got addicted to the game Mobile Legends died because of cancer.

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Meanwhile, in Thailand, there was a guy who take advantage to kids who are addicted to playing online games. Based on a report from Reuters, the 31-year-old Thai was sentenced to record 374 years in prison for child trafficking.

Yuttana Kodsap lured kids aged 7-12 to his house to play computer games. He then initiates a wrongful act with them and sold his videos on the internet.

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According to the report, the court sentenced the trafficker more than 300 years in jail for his crimes and demanded him to pay $26,000. This was the second child trafficking case in their country. They sentenced 3 child traffickers up to 309 years last year.

An expert in human trafficking issue and independent lawyer named Papop Siamhan explain why it child trafficking cases resulted to long imprisonment.

“Long prison sentences will act as a deterrent because people will be afraid to commit such crimes, and it will also result in authorities and judges being more careful when handling such cases,” he said.

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Based on the report, the United States of America praised the Thailand court for their proper sentencing to convicted child traffickers earlier this year.

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