Honest Man Returns Lost Belt Bag w/ Cash to Respective Owner

Honest Man Earns Praises Online After Returning Lost Belt Bag w/ Cash to Respective Owner

An honest man earned praises and admiration from the netizens after returning a lost belt bag containing cash to its respective owner.

Nowadays, we can rarely see honest people showing an act of honesty due to the increase of wickedness and selfish desires. However, there are still some people who proves that the faith in humanity remains alive.

The honest resident identified as Belino Sumilao found the lost belt bag at Marymart Mall. The black bag reportedly contains wallet with a lot of cash and a mobile phone. The bag is owned by a certain Bonifacio Penaso Jr.

Honest Man

Sumilao found the bag in front of Marymart Mall after the owner accidentally dropped it from the motorcycle. He picked up the lost bag after the owner dropped it and continued driving its motorcycle.

The guy did not hesitate to return and turned over the lost bag containing cash and valuables at RMN Iloilo.

Sumilao is a resident of Negros but went to Ledesco Village in Lapaz, Iloilo to work as a family driver.

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Honest Man Honest Man

The online community lauded the man for his honesty:

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