Metro Manila to Welcome New Year’s Eve Without The Big Bang

Metro Manila to Welcome New Year’s Eve Using Alternative Noisemakers Instead of Firecrackers

The Metro Manila would welcome the New Year’s Eve without the big bang due to the firecracker ban in the National Capital Region.

Several environment and health group advised the public to use alternative noisemakers during the firecracker ban throughout the National Capital Region. The people could bang pot lids, shaking piggy banks or just by clapping their hands.

The Ecowaste Coalition also asked the Filipinos to use those alternatives instead of using pyrotechnics to avoid injuries and environmental pollution. Firecrackers causes fires, painful noises, toxic emissions, and waste.

Metro Manila

“Let us end this year of unparalleled challenges and difficulties due to destructive calamities and the COVID-19 pandemic, not with the usual mayhem and pollution,” the group’s chemical safety campaigner Thony Dizon said.

“For a change, let us celebrate the New Year in a way that will not injure or kill others, trigger fires, generate toxic emissions and wastes and torture our cats and dogs with painful noise,” Dizon added.

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The group also give an idea to the people to use empty cans, improvised maracas, tambourines made of flattened bottled crowns, vehicle horns, radio, music players and other materials as alternative noisemakers in greeting the New Year.

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The Metro Manila-wide ban covers 16 cities and one town under the Resolution No. 20-17. The use of firecrackers and other pyrotechnic devices are prohibited for the safety of everyone.

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