Raffy Tulfo Trends On Twitter After ‘My Father Is A Policeman’ Incident

Netizens on Twitter talked about Raffy Tulfo

Journalist and TV host Raffy Tulfo trended on Twitter after the controversial ‘My Father Is A Policeman’ incident.

The online community expressed various reactions after a video of policeman shooting a mother and his son after a heated argument. Reportedly, the argument started due to the issue of right of way.

Raffy Tulfo

This incident that became viral on Facebook was slammed by several famous personalities in the Philippines. They are scrutinizing the policeman for being “trigger happy” and for using his power to oppress other people.

However, Catanduanes Police Chief Ariel Ruego Buraga reasoned out that Jonel Nuezca, the policeman who shot Sonya Gregorio and her son, was just pushed by the “disrespect”.

Many netizens, on the other hand, were devastated because of what they saw in the viral video. Most of the social media users pointed out that in whatever angle, what Nuezca did was simply wrong.

Meanwhile, a lot of netizens raised a different issue along with ‘My Father Is A Policeman’ incident and this involved the name of Raffy Tulfo. The Kapatid journalist also trended on Twitter along with the controversial incident.

It is because many netizens slammed Facebook users who tagged Tulfo and his program on the video that requires serious legal attention. Some said that there were also those who are tagging KMJS or the Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho, a magazine show in GMA 7.

Netizens who did not like the tagging said that it only proves that the justice system in the Philippines is not working. Here are some of the tweets about Raffy Tulfo.


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