10 Minutes My Father is a Policeman Shooting Incident Video Clip of Intense Commotion

MY FATHER IS A POLICEMAN: ten minutes video before the shooting incident happened in Paniqui, Tarlac that left two casualties.

Recently, the “National Scammer” Xian Gaza, shared a video clip of the intense commotion between Gregorio family and the family of Police Senior Master Sergeant Jonel Nuezca, ten minutes before the brazen attack the lead to two deaths.


In the first seconds of the video, Nuezca, his wife, and his daughter are already seen on the property of the Gregorio family. Nuezca is holding the “boga” owned by Frank Anthony, which is said to be the root of the commotion.

According to the report, Nuezca got irritated with Frank as he plays the pvc exploding toy. He then rushed into the place where Frank and his friends are having fun and he allegedly punches Frank in the face.


It can also be heard that Frank is yelling at him saying, “Matapang ka may baril ka lang.” Frank also challenged the cop to pull the trigger at him while his mother is blocking him.

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Nuezca then tried to pull the hand of Frank saying he will arrest him. Nuezca’s wife can also be seen raging and shouting at the Gregorio family members trying to restrain the cop from pulling Frank.

A few minutes later his daughter also joins the commotion as she pulls the hair of one of the Gregorio members, but the member got the chance and pull her hair also. This lead to more shouting and intense actions.

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More minutes have passed, Nuezca is still holding the shorts of Frank and the mother is still hugging her child to protect him from the raging cop. Nuezca’s daughter then shouted to let her daddy go but Sonya refused to let go of Frank.


This time the daughter shouted “My father is a policeman,” which replied by Sonya with KPop 2NE1’s “I Don’t Care” lyrics. After her reply, Nuezca got irritated leading him to shot the mother and son ruthlessly.

Watch the full video:

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