Twitter Philippines: Top Twitter Posts For Year 2020

A run down of some of the trending posts in Twitter Philippines this year 2020.

TWITTER PHILIPPINES – A lot has happened in the world this year and it’s all been reflected in Twitter, here are some of the famous Tweets this 2020.

The social media app Twitter has become many peoples’ platform to express personal opinion, piece of advices, random incidents, and personal stories. And for whatever has happened this year, Twitter surely has it where people commented about and shared their own views coming from issues of some, viral videos, and down to political controversies.

Check out some of the most famous Tweets in 2020 that caught so much attention:

  • Sam Smith’s posting this young Pinoy singer saying, “WHO IS THIS KID!!!!!? YOU ARE OUT OF THIS UNIVERSE WHOEVER YOU ARE”
  • That “I got catfished” thread where netizens expressed outrage over it and support to the victim.
  • Body positivity posts among Filipino women: “The only thing that’s flawed here is your brain for not normalizing these.”
  • “Slow progress is still a progress” – These motivating and inspirational has been catching attention online. These also serve as reminder of self-appreciation and slef-love.

Twitter is a ‘microblogging’ system where people can share and see short posts called tweets. It can just be as long as 140 characters where you can include links. Meanwhile, one downside of using social media sites such as Twitter, you get expose to rude online behavior of other people and critical comments.

You cannot please everyone in this platform. And most of the time, famous personalities and celebrities are the subject of criticism and bashing online.


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