Mariel Padilla Revelation About ‘Bad Boy Image’ of Robin Padilla

Here’s the recent revelation of Mariel Padilla about Robin Padilla

Host-vlogger Mariel Padilla shared this revelation about her husband Robin Padilla’s “bad boy image” in her recent vlog.

Mariel and Robin celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary last August and they are now blessed with two lovely daughters. In a recent YouTube video of the celebrity mom, she talked about her husband.

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Based on the article from Pang-Masa, Mariel expressed happiness that Robin has been fulfilling his promises to her. “I’m really so blessed na siya ang asawa ko kasi talagang hindi ako nangangamba, panatag ako, and I’m really grateful because he’s sticking to his word, he is sticking to his promises to me,” she shared.

With this, she is grateful. One of the promises that Robin Padilla said to his wife Mariel Padilla is that there will be no other women although it is allowed in Islam belief to have many wives.

The host-vlogger also shared that the “bad boy image” of Robin in show business is far from what he is in real-life.

Sobrang hindi po bad boy. He is one of the kindest, the most generous, the most generous that you will ever meet. He is selfless that way. Lahat, gusto niya. give nang give nang give. His love language is act of service, so he’s always serving us,” Mariel Padilla said.

She added that she is thankful that Robin was able to spend more time with her and their kids amid the pandemic. The actor’s time with their two daughters is indeed something that they treasure. For Mariel, it is something to be savored because she does not know when this will happen again.

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