Inconsiderate Teacher Slams Student After Flood Washed Out Its Modules

Inconsiderate Teacher to Flood Victim Student Who Lose its Modules: “Congrats”

An inconsiderate teacher lambasted his student in Cagayan after the flood washed out its self-learning modules.

Cagayan province is currently facing a disastrous calamity after severe flooding submerged houses and establishment. The flood displaced thousands of residents and even took the lives of several residents.

A Facebook user named Michelle G. Babaran has shared the conversation of her child and its inconsiderate teacher who gets mad after the class modules have been washed out by flood waters.

Cagayan Valley

Babaran expressed her disappointment regarding the distasteful remark of an inconsiderate teacher to her child.  The teacher reportedly asked if the student save its modules. The student failed to save its modules together with their important documents and clothing.

The educator gets mad and replied to his student “So gusto mo icongrats kita? Congrats”, which offends the student and her parents who were victimized by the severe flooding in Cagayan. Michelle also said that they have did their best to save the modules but the flood rapidly increase.

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Inconsiderate Teacher
Inconsiderate Teacher

Here is the full post:

“Amidst our current situation, there is still this inconsiderate person!
Tama bang ganyan mo kausapin students mo?

Edit: Just so you know sir, pati damit po wala kaming naisave 🙂
Edit2: We did our best para maisave po kahit papano modules ng mga bata. Baka sabihin niyo hinayaan lang namin, pero sa taas na po pinaglagyan namin, naabot padin. That includes important documents, NSO, Diploma at madami pa.”

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