Denise Laurel Figure After Gaining 30 lbs., Netizens React To It

Here’s what Denise Laurel said after gaining weight.

DENISE LAUREL – Famous singer and actress Denise Laurel shows body after gaining 30 pounds during 9 months of lockdown.

Lockdown surely has various effects to people. Some have chose to finally start a heathy lifestyle while some got their time to rest and relax which caused them to unconsciously gain weight. And what happened to actress and singer Denise Laurel is the latter effect – she gained 30 lbs. and her 24 waistline is now 28.

Despite the weight gain and instead of feeling insecure, she’s accepting and embracing her figure now. She wrote, “THIS IS ME NOW 30lbs heavier 30lbs slower n sleepier 30lbs wiser 30lbs more compassionate n 30lbs more loving with more of me to love haha”

And now that she’s returning to work, it served also to her as her time for reinvention. She decided to improve her habits such as to sleep better, eat better, take vitamins, workout, and stay hydrated. She admitted of having insecurity and battling her PCOS but she’s being positive to get fitter again.

She added, “It’s all bout discovery for me whatever that may look or feel like!”

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And here are some of the comments from the post:

I can totally relate! But You got this!! 💪🏽 geez! I wish I can work out with you! 

Be patient and be kind to yourself🙏🏻 you should be the last one judging you.

30 pounds where!!? 😂 girl you look stunning!

Denise as an actress has been active since 2001 and she’s come from a clan of politicians. She’s a mother of one named Davian Alejandro, her son with ah Italian-American.


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