Denise Laurel Reveals Her “Ultimate Guilty Pleasure”

Here’s what Denise Laurel revealed about her “ultimate guilty pleasure”

Kapamilya actress Denise Laurel revealed her what is her “ultimate guilty pleasure” during a discussion over health.

In spite of being a mom already, Denise is still passionate about taking care of herself. She still possesses a body as if she did not give birth. Apparently, being healthy is one of the things that are on the top of her list to prioritize.

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Based on the article from PEP, the actress is taking her health seriously. However, just like most of the people, food is also a factor that adds struggle to her. “Being healthy is an everyday struggle because I love food. I love, love, love,” she said in a previous interview.

She also said that when she is under a stressful situation, she does not scream and she does not cry. But of course, food can give her comfort. Aside from this, the celebrity mom also shared that she has no vices. “I don’t have any vices. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, so food is really a comfort for me,” Denise Laurel said.

If other people, especially celebrities are very indulgent on expensive things that have become a collection to many, the actress said, “I’m not maluho, I don’t like expensive things. I don’t own anything branded, I don’t like shopping. Food is really my go-to for when I’m tired, I’m mad, sad, broken hearted, happy, celebratory,” she revealed.

In addition, she also admitted that she is a chocoholic and she really loves cupcakes and cookies. Because of this, there are times that she would catch herself eating too much.

“There was one time talaga nasabi ko, ‘Oh my gosh, I ate all of that!’ and I was amazed at myself. I felt really guilty after,” the actress said. However, with her ultimate guilty pleasure, Denise said that she makes sure to make up for it, based on the article.

“Guilt does not make you better, guilt does not make you lose weight, guilt doesn’t make you pretty. Guilt doesn’t move you from your chair where you’re sulking. So, I try to remove the guilt and I try to be constructive and logical, which is hard to do on a daily basis,” the celebrity mom shared.

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