Billy Crawford Php 5-Million Prank To James Reid, Here’s His Reaction

Here’s what happened when Billy Crawford borrowed Php 5-million from James Reid.

BILLY CRAWFORD – This is how James Reid reacted when LOL host Billy Crawford tried to “borrow” Php 5-million from him which earned lots of comments.

Many pranks online have been done which have amazing results but the favorite target of this kind of activity are celebrities and famous personalities. This is because people are curious as to who they are and what their tendencies are in real life. What they show in television might be just a character and what they are behind the camera is far from being on cam.

And the latest victim of “utang” prank while on live television is James Reid. Billy Crawford, a close friend of the actor and singer, was the one who pulled the prank in his Lunch Out Loud program on TV5. Billy started off with confession of struggling due to pandemic and that his house might be put at stake which is why he wants to borrow Php 5 million from him.

James, at the other end of the call, did not think twice to lend him only that it will accordingly take some time because most of his money is now in Australia. In previous interviews, James once shared that it was his father who handles his money.

“Since the whole pandemic thing started we’re all trying to move on and do our thing but the problem is that for the longest time — about six, seven months, I haven’t made any money whatsoever. So obviously you know where this is going bro?” say Billy.

He then added that he can settle to whatever amount he can lend to him and James even agreed to lend him his spare car. He isn’t mad or annoyed over it as he is even willing to help. James then explained, “Okay, let me transfer how much I have in my bank right now. Most of my money’s in Australia but, I’m planning on bringing a lot of it back anyway, because of the way things are going here. So I’ll let you know. I’ll get back to you within the day.”

And not long after that, Billy revealed the prank and James can only express “Oh my God”. Everyone in the studio heard him including the money he currently has in his account.

Watch the video below:

And here are some of the comments of the netizens:

Sana all 😉 not surprised that James Reid is very kind and generous friend.

One of the reasons why I love James Reid so much and been a fan ever since. He’s so kind and selfless.

Now I have fallen in love deeper Mr. James Reid, why you gotta be a fvcking angel 🥺🥺


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