Anne Curtis and Why She Doesn’t Appear In Erwan Heussaff’s Videos

Here’s why Anne Curtis does not often appear in videos of her husband.

ANNE CURTIS – Vlogger cook Erwan Heussaff reveals reasons why his wife, actress Ann Curtis, does not often appear in his videos in YouTube.

French-Filipino content creator Erwan Heussaff admitted one key to make his video viral and that is to simply include his wife Kapamilya actress Anne Curtis. With the prominence of Anne, he surely would hit millions of views as she has millions of followers and supporters behind. She has 13.4M followers on Twitter, 15.8M followers on Instagram, and 15M fans supporting her page in Facebook.

However, despite the fame of his wife and knowing the key for his videos to get viral, we still don’t often see the actress with him. There are a couple of videos with the actress but her appearances in their were just short or she was just there to taste one dish and she will disappear again. What could be the reason behind this?

For Erwan, what he wanted is to build his career on his own without taking advantage of the fame of his popular wife. And also, this is because he doesn’t want to use her that way and benefit from her for his personal endeavors.

He said, “And if you look at maybe the four hundred-something videos we’ve produced over the last couple of years, Anne is in, maybe, 10 or 15 of them? And she’s only in there when it makes sense, you know what I mean?”

During his radio interview with RX 93.1 last October 23, 2020, he wanted to build a career the same with British chef-restaurateur Jamie Oliver or American chef-journalist Anthony Bourdain. Erwan is known as “The Fat Inside” and his video contents ranges from healthy to Filipino recipes and his experience trying dishes from different countries.


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