Women More Serious About Coronavirus Than Men Says Study

Women More Serious Compared To Men Regarding Coronavirus

WOMEN MORE SERIOUS ABOUT CORONAVIRUS – A recent study revealed that women are more inclined to consider the coronavirus as a serious issue.

Furthermore, it was also revealed that women were more likely to comply with health protocols and restrictions. Among these are wearing personal protective equipment, staying at home, and wearing face mask and face shields. The study was conducted around March/April with over 21,000 participants across eight wealthy countries.

However, there are no concrete studies on the difference between infection rates. Still, it was found that men are more prone to being critically ill. Additionally, men are two times more likely to die of COVID-19 than women.

Women More Serious About Coronavirus Than Men Says Study
Image from: Healthcare In Europe

As per the study published in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, data suggests two main factors:

Genetic and Immunological factors, and behavioral differences between men and women.

Because of this, the authors of the study suggested that public health announcements be catered to a specific gender.

Countries headed by women, such as Germany and New Zealand, have generally responded more effectively to the pandemic

Furthermore, the study cited that countries led by men have the worst record of COVID-19 responses. Among the biggest examples are the United States and Brazil, both led by men who project strong masculinity attitudes. Moreover, these leaders were known to downplay the severity of the virus and the need for proper health protocols.

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