Jessy Mendiola and What She Learned from 4-Year Boyfriend Luis Manzano

Here’s what Jessy Mendiola learned from long-time boyfriend Luis Manzano.

JESSY MENDIOLA – Famous actress and model Jessy Mendiola speaks about boyfriend Luis Manzano and what she learned being with him for four (4) years.

Last June 25, celebrity couple Luis Manzano and Jessy Mendiola celebrated their fourth year anniversary as a couple. With the length of time that they have been together, the male host have always been vocal about his plans of proposing to his girlfriend.

Their relationship from the start has become the center of intrigues and controversies but through the years, they have proven that they are stronger than how people thought they are. She was accused of stealing Luis from Angel Locsin and an overlapping of relationship which she all denied. And she would always defend him from being tagged as babaero.

And now, with a span of four years being together, Jessy shared something about what she learned from him in terms of life lessons including matters in her career. He taught her to always appear on time and to be patient when it comes to work.

She admitted that she has gone through a phase where she became a “monster” for being so impatient about her work and career. She was then impulsive and impatient which she worked out as she grew older. Among her realizations is self-acceptance because for the past years, as per her, she’s been in a constant battle against herself trying to win over the attention of people.

The actress revealed that she wanted to please everyone before and how the words of other people have affected her. She lost herself but when she finally realized her worth, she redeemed herself and even said that she is finally free of doubts, anger, and insecurity. She is finally at peace.


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