31 Provinces Hit With ASF (African Swine Fever) Amid Pandemic

31 Provinces Hit With ASF, Pulling Down Pork Supply

31 PROVINCES HIT WITH ASF – Thirty one out of 81 provinces of the Philippines have reported cases of African Swine Fever.

Because of this, the supply of pork had been lowered significantly. However, Dr. Ronnie Domingo of the Bureau of Animal Industry emphasized that not every area in the 31 provinces were affected.

According to an article from ABS-CBN, he said: “Pag sinabi po nating 31 provinces, hindi naman po lahat ng bayan o barangay doon ay mayroon. Kalat-kalat po iyon”.

African Swine Fever had previously hit the country causing massive damage to the supply of pork in the country. It also caused health hazards as some of the pigs who succumbed to ASF were thrown in canals and lakes.

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But, ASF, although deadly to pigs, poses almost no harm to humans. Meanwhile, as per the report, Domingo said the disease could have spread through the sale of hotdogs and other processed meat products.

Still, he asserted that Visayas and Mindanao could augment the pork shortages in Metro Manila due to the swine fever outbreak. Pork products take up 60% of the country’s meat consumption. Along with this, the swine industry accounts for P260 billion.

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