Romblon Bans Transporting Live Pigs Due To ASF Outbreak

Romblon Bans Transporting Live Pigs Outside Province ROMBLON BANS TRANSPORTING LIVE PIGS – Authorities have banned transportation of live pigs outside of Romblon due to the threat of the African Swine Fever. Previously, the Philippines was hit hard with AFS. As such, there were several reports of farms dumping infected pigs in rivers, polluting waterways, … Read more

31 Provinces Hit With ASF (African Swine Fever) Amid Pandemic

31 Provinces Hit With ASF, Pulling Down Pork Supply 31 PROVINCES HIT WITH ASF – Thirty one out of 81 provinces of the Philippines have reported cases of African Swine Fever. Because of this, the supply of pork had been lowered significantly. However, Dr. Ronnie Domingo of the Bureau of Animal Industry emphasized that not … Read more