Gabbi Garcia Reveals What Kathryn Bernardo Did To Her and Kahlil Ramos

Here’s what Kathryn Bernardo did to Gabbi Garcia and Kahlil Ramos.

KATHRYN BERNARDO – Kapamilya actress Kathryn Bernardo has this participation in love story of Gabbi Garcia and Kahlil Ramos.

It was in 2020 when celebrity couple Gabbi Garcia and Kahlil Ramos confirmed their relationship to the public. They were already on their third year then and many people surely got shocked. They are from different network and for them to meet each other is because of Kathryn Bernardo.

During their live last September 16, they shared Kath’s huge role in their love story. Accordingly, it all started during the 18th birthday of Julia Barretto where the three of them are both invited. Kath and Gabbi already knew each other before and have reconnected before the debut party.

Meanwhile, Kath is also close to Kahlil. At the party, Kath seats beside Kahlil who is the only single in their table. The party was held at Shangri-La Hotel Ballroom. He was just 19 years old and she at 16 at that time. Vividly remembering every detail of Gabbi, Kahlil said that she was in her beautiful off shoulder dress with her hair in low pony. She looked quite mature but he was struck.

Asking a friend who she is, the question reached Kath who upon hearing the question already got the gut feeling of him crushing Gabby. They were introduced to each other. And as for Gabby, at that time when she met Kahlil for the first time, she was not yet ready to accept or entertain suitors. Accordingly, he dance with her and followed her for the rest of the night and even offered to bring her to their car which she refuse.

She was expecting he’d ask for her number but it didn’t happened. What happened next is he messaged her on Twitter and since that Kapuso star is not yet ready of anything regarding having relationship, their communication was cut. And 2 years after, they met again and Gabbi is ready to fall in love and Kahlil, fortunately at that time, is single for a year already.

Things really happens at the right time and they are now together for more than three years as per PEP’s report.


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