Skusta Clee Throws Zeinab Harake’s Pajama on Toilet: “Eto ba iniiyak mo?”

Skusta Clee Insults Zeinab Harake & Throws Her Pajama on Toilet Bowl

SKUSTA CLEE – The Ex-Battalion member Skusta Clee goes viral after throwing the pajama of ex-girlfriend Zeinab Harake on toilet.

Over the past few days, the Pinoy rapper has been one of the most controversial personalities online because of his alleged involvement in Ry and Con breakup. He also explained that he has nothing to do with the issue and denied his alleged involvement.

Aside from the Ry and Con break up, Daryl Ruiz has been involved in numerous issues and controversies. He was also punched by a guy from one of their concerts and had an exchange of heated arguments with one of his fans during a performance.

Skusta Clee

The 24-year-old Hip Hop artist also earned various reactions from the online community after his breakup with his ex-girlfriend Zeinab Harake.

Recently, Skusta Clee has shared his video footage while throwing the pajama of his ex-girlfriend on toilet. The artist also criticized his ex and said “Eto ba iniiyak mo?” then threw the pajama into the toilet bowl.

Skusta Clee
Skusta Clee

Daryl Ruiz shared the video on his Instagram stories (extraordinaryl).

Here is the video:

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

Skusta Clee

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