Some Filipino Netizens Destroy Korean Flags as Revenge to Koreans Tearing PH Flag

Some Filipino Netizens Destroy Korean Flags as Revenge

Some Filipino netizens have also destroyed Korean flags as revenge to some Koreans who destroyed Philippine flag.

Over the past few days, the videos of several Korean nationals destroying the drawing of Philippine flag. The videos garnered criticisms from the social media users while some Koreans apologized for the irresponsible act of some of their countrymen.

The issue started when the Pinay social media influencer Bella Poarch flaunts her tattoo that incorporates Japan’s Rising Sun flag, which is reportedly offensive to Koreans.

The Facebook page “Girl Pretty” has shared some photos and videos of Filipino netizens who took revenge after Koreans destroyed a drawing of Philippine flag. The posts circulate online and elicit comments from the online community.

In the posts, it can be seen that some of the Pinoy netizens expressed their fury towards Koreans who destroyed a drawing of the Philippine flag by tearing the Korean flag. Some of them also tore and thrown the flag.

Filipino Netizens Filipino Netizens

Here is the full post:

Hi revenge of disrespect to flag korea??? Hahaha Korea vs Philippines challenge….
Kayang mgapilipinas sa lamang Hindi respeto ng bandila Korean..”

Another Facebook page “Miss Minchin” has also shared the photos of a boy who destroyed a drawing of Korean flag.

The social media users expressed their reactions to the posts:

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