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Get To Know Bella Poarch

BELLA POARCH – Get to know Bella Poarch, the viral Tiktok star that sparked Pinoy netizens’ call to #CancelKorea.

Filipina Tiktok star Bella Poarch has been one of the most controversial personalities after she uploaded a video of herself showing the tattoo on her arm on the viral video-sharing app Tiktok.

Bella’s tattoo incorporates Japan’s Rising Sun flag, a symbol that remains offensive to South Koreans due to the Japans’ handling of Korea while it is under colonial rule. For them, the symbol seems to be a counterpart of the Nazis.

Photo Source: @bella.poarch IG

Bella Poarch’s post triggered a backlash from South Korean netizens. The hashtag cancelkorea trended on Twitter because they criticized the Pinay for her tattoo. It offended them and explained why it is an issue for them.

The TikTok star apologized to Knetz. She told them that she will remove or cover it to correct her mistake but others still attack her and Filipinos with racial slurs.

Bella’s name is not famous in the K-pop fandom or in the Twitter world but lots of Filipino netizens defended her. Pinoy netizens trended the #cancelkorea to defend their country and its people. Pinoy K-pop fans were also saddened by the issue. They said as much as they love k-pop songs, they are putting their love for their country and fellow Filipinos.

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Photo Source: @bella.poarch IG

Bella Poarch rose to fame after uploading her comedic video game dubs on Tiktok. The 19-year-old Tiktok sensation has over 16.1 million Tiktok followers and 2 million followers on IG.

Based on a report from Manila Bulletin, she served for 3 years in the United States Navy. Her first IG post is about her military days. Although she has left, her IG bio said she’s a proud US Navy veteran.

Photo Source: @bella.poarch IG

Bella Poarch was born in the Philippine. Her birthday falls on February 8, 2001. Their family move to the US when she was 13. She’s currently living in Hawaii.

In her recent IG post, she expressed how badly she wanted to try Twitch but her major depressive disorder and PTSD might somehow trigger a breakdown in the middle of her show. In her Tweet, she said, “I’m diagnosed with major depressive disorder and PTSD since 2017 so don’t worry about me, I’ve been living with it & I have a good support system to help me.”

Photo Source: @bellapoarch Twitter

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  1. How is she 19 but served the in the navy for 3 years once she came of age. Coming of age is 18 then 3 years of Navy that would mean she was 21 or 22 leaving the navy.


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