Family Dog in Cebu Prevent the Robbery Attempt in their House and Mauled the Burglar

FAMILY DOG- Pet in Cebu prevent an unlawful activity supposed to happen as he mauled the burglar who plans to robbed the house of his owner.

Many people prefer to adopt a dog as their pet because of its friendly and approachable behavior. However, there are some instances wherein the animal instinct of dogs manifest.

Family Dog in Cebu

Dogs have the instinct to protect his family and their valuable things when there are people who have bad intentions. Just like this family dog in Naga. Cebu City, where he prevented an attempted robbery.

The pet dog named Scar is a German Shepherd dog, was left in the house, morning of August 3 as his owner went out to buy some food. An allegedly burglar tried to sneaked inside the house after breaking the door.

Family Dog in Cebu

But unfortunately, Scar was inside the house. Scar immediately attacked the intruder. In the Facebook post of BACH Project Ph, photos show the evidence of the terrible fate of the intruder.

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In the photos shared, blood was all over the floor, which shows how he suffered from the attack of Scar until he was able to escape from the house. Based on the report, there are six more dogs inside the house, which lucky for him, he was not noticed.

Nothing was lost and the family dog was doing fine. Mike, the owner shared an update through Top Dog Cebu Facebook page, “For everyone that is asking, Scar is fine. Nothing is missing. I want everyone to know that we are fine and we really appreciate your support and warm wishes.”

Mike also clarified that his dogs are not harmful. They are completely under control and safe around children. He emphasizes that guarding is “not natural” to dogs and they need the training for at least a year to respond properly to threats. 

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