Police Officer To Face Charges After Shooting Neighbor’s Pet Dog

This man’s dog was shot by a police officer in Manila which ultimately killed the innocent animal.

POLICE OFFICER – A drunk police officer has shot a neighbor’s pet dog dead and will possibly face charges such as violation of Animal Welfare Act.

Rene Timbol of G. Tuazon Street, Barangay 422 Zone 43 in Sampaloc, Manila on Friday night stepped out of their house after hearing a gunshot only to see his dog soaking in her own blood. The mother dog still has children and she was discovered by her owner while her puppies are still drinking milk from her lifeless body.

Police Officer

The accused person who did this was a lawman, Patrolman Lyndon de Ocampo of the Aviation Security Group. The dog owner confronted the suspect only to be told that he got bitten by his dog which is why the lawman got triggered to do that. However, according to Timbol, this is impossible because his dog was securely chained.

According to ABS-CBN report, the officer was drunk and charges were now filed on Thursday against him. The incident happened on June 6 and the said suspect is still on the loose. Malicious mischief and violation of the Animal Welfare Act were the charges filed.

Watch the video below:

And here are some of the comments from the post:

Alex Morphe: Regardless of any given reasons given by the officer, discharging firearms alone is a crime.

Vitaliana Ferrera: Justice for dogies napaka yabang mong pulis ka porke may baril ka. Makulong ka dimonyo ka.

William Zabiski: For every right there is a corresponding responsibility


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