Heartless Guy Caught on Camera Stealing Goods from Elderly Woman

Heartless Guy Stealing Goods from Elderly Woman Circulates Online

The video footage of a heartless guy stealing goods and valuables of an elderly woman collecting junks for a living circulates online.

Nowadays, the rate of criminality in the Philippines continue to increase due to extreme poverty and lack of job opportunity. The crime continues to increase despite the government’s effort to reduce the rate of crime.

Some people were forced to steal and rob others just to earn money to support the financial necessities of their families.

Heartless Guy

The Twitter page GMA News Breaking has shared the video footage of an unidentified guy stealing goods from an old lad. The female junk collector is residing underneath the bridge. The video is now circulating on social media.

In the video, it can be seen that the guy wearing a red shirt picking up the goods of a 68-year-old grandma sleeping under the bridge. The man even returned to steal more items from the elderly lady.

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Heartless Guy

The video has a caption of:

Hulicam ang pagnanakaw sa isang 68-year-old na babaeng mangangalakal sa Barangay 138, Caloocan City. Ang salarin, bumalik pa para magnakaw uli noong naroon ang GMA News. Kaya agad siyang inaresto.

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