Catriona Gray-Clint Bondad Issue: Sandra Lemonon Defends Miss U 2018

Here’s what Sandra Lemonon said about the Catriona Gray-Clint Bondad issue

Beauty Queen Sandra Lemonon defended Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray against the bashing amid the issue with model-actor Clint Bondad.

For these past few days, netizens have been feasting on the cryptic posts of Clint on his Instagram Story. It all started when he revealed that he sent a message to Kapamilya singer-actor Sam Milby, the current boyfriend of Catriona.

catriona gray sandra lemonon
📷: Sandra Lemonon Facebook

Clint appeared to be hinting that he knows something about the new couple which made the online community curious. This also prompted others to air their speculations and their interpretations about the cryptic post of the model-actor.

Amid this issue, Catriona Gray posted about “weapon” on her Instagram Story which was easily interpreted as her reply to her ex-boyfriend’s rant on social media.

Fans of the 4th Filipina Miss Universe are there to support and defend her against the bashing and negative stories that have surfaced against her after the Instagram saga of Clint. Catriona’s mother also sent this message to an IG user who has been “exposing” the beauty queen’s alleged secrets.

clint bondad
📷: @clintbondad IG

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One of the people who defended Catriona Gray was her fellow beauty queen Sandra Lemonon, based on the article from PEP. The latter replied to a post on the fan account @catrionauniverse.

Sandra said that “people should not support toxic behavior” and the “chismis culture should be cancelled”.  

“One day Cat will open up her side of the story & come out stronger than ever before,” Sandra added. She also called out to people not to judge the good intention of Catriona and that they should not judge her without knowing the whole story.

Here is the comment of Sandra Lemonon.

sandra lemonon comment catriona gray
📷: PEP

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