Catriona Gray & Sam Milby Are Now Living Together?

Is it true that Sam Milby and Catriona Gray are living under the same roof?

Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray and singer-actor Sam Milby are allegedly living together as what this netizen showed.

Sam and Catriona’s relationship became public when the former shared a post on Instagram in May of 2020. Although there were already rumors that they are dating, many were still got surprised and excited about that confirmation.

catriona gray sam milby
📷: @kimeeyuy IG

However, intrigues came up as Clint Bondad, the model-actor who is the ex-boyfriend of Catriona started to post cryptic messages on his Instagram account. Following this, speculations against the new couple also surfaced.

It was alleged that Catriona Gray already started seeing Sam Milby even before she broke up with Clint Bondad.

Aside from this, it is also being speculated that the artists under Cornerstone Entertainment are now living together. Instagram user @kimeeyuy showed several photos comparing the posts of the beauty queen and the photos and videos of Sam’s condominium unit.

The netizen shared a side by side photo of Catriona’s post showing her laptop on a round table beside a glass window and the photo of Sam’s condo, suggesting that the new couple is living in the same house.

The netizen also claimed that a room in Sam’s condo where he said it was occupied by her sister in a vlog of Alex Gonzaga was also the room where Catriona was when she shot the Life At Home video. According to the netizen, the headboard of the bed and the brick design on the wall are the same.

Here are the other posts of IG user @kimeeyuy showing the similarities of Sam Milby and Catriona Gray‘s abode.

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