Is This Mary Lite Lamayo’s Alleged Controversial Video? Controversial Clip Surfaces Online

Is This Mary Lite Lamayo’s Alleged Controversial Video

MARY LITE LAMAYO – The screenshots of Mary Lite Lamayo’s alleged controversial video spread like a wildfire online and earns comments from netizens.

Over the past few days, the YouTube vlogger Mary Lite Lamayo has been one of the most controversial personalities online because of her controversial video allegedly doing something naughty with her boyfriend.

The couple earned a massive amount of criticisms and distasteful remarks from the online community. The netizens are accusing Roi Oriondo and Lite of doing something naughty in front of the camera.

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Controversial Video

However, Mary Lite and Roi breaks their silence regarding the issue and denied the accusations of the netizens. Lamayo explained that her boyfriends was just holding her hips and not her private part.

Recently, a Facebook user named Jimueel Jimueel has shared the screenshots of alleged Mary Lite Lamayo’s malicious video. The photos garnered various reactions from the netizens.

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Unfortunately, the screenshots did not come from a private video but from one of Lamayo’s vlog on her YouTube channel entitled “CAN’T SAY NO TO BABE (Bahay edition)”. The photos show that two seem like doing their intimate moment but Roi was just brushing his girlfriend’s hair.

Watch the video for full details:

The social media users expressed their reactions to the post:

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